workshops level 2+3


Advanced skills + smart speed

This workshop will put you on the path from efficient to advanced in freestyle
by honing Balance/Streamline skills and introducing advanced catch and kick timing
as well as tempo control skills – „Smart-Speed“ .


Location:   Hallenbad Stuttgart-Kemnat

Tuition:   275 €

Participants:   max. 24 students

More workshops are planned
for October and November 2018!

Duration:   9am – 6pm

Coaches:   TI Mastercoach Marjon Huibers (NL) and TI Coach Sabine Vollmer (GER) and further Coaches

Note: This workshop will be taught in German and English!

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Swimmer shall have completed a Level 1 workshop or equivalent in private lessons, and comfortable swimming 200m or more with a front quadrant stroke, including whole stroke integrated breathing.

What does the workshop include?

  • Meet and welcome in the classroom with some time to learn about the principles of swimming
  • 3,5 hours of pool time
  • Video analysis and play back
  • Access to the pool
  • Lunch, soft drinks
  • A Tempo Trainer has to be brought by the student but can also be bought in the workshop for  40 Euros

What will you learn? 

Balance:  Establish high, wide recovery that rebalances your vessel and sends its weight and momentum *forward* and tune up core stabilizer muscles. Together these increase comfort, control, and speed, hold a sleek body line during recovery, and strengthen the connection between recovery arm momentum, weight shift and propulsion.

Streamline: Keep a longer, lower-drag bodyline as you breathe and swim faster. Control leg-splay and knee-flex to reduce drag, and increase kick-effectiveness.

Kick Timing: The 2-Beat Kick (2BK) is an essential skill. It minimizes drag and turbulence and takes virtually no energy, but adds whole-body power to your stroke. The 2BK adds to propulsion by driving your body through rotation into its most streamlined, minimal drag position.

Effective Propulsion: Convert Force (horsepower) into Locomotion by (1) Position your extended arm to trap the maximum volume of water; (2) Move your body forward — rather than move your hand back; and (3) Do both with no arm fatigue.

Smart Speed: Keep the efficiency in your stroke by playing with stroke length, tempo and distance or time. Feel fully controlled in the water and know your personal challenges to become an efficient and fast smart swimmer.


You’ll enjoy swimming as never before!
The more you enjoy it, the more you’ll practice and the more you’ll improve!

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