>> silver capS <<

You did all workshops with Streamline already and want to continue improving your stroke? If you have fun in our workshops and you want to keep on exchanging with coaches and other TI swimmers then become a „Silver Cap“ now!


Location:   Hallenbad Stuttgart-Kemnat

Tuition:  155 €    (from the second participation on always 10€ discount)

Dates on request

Duration: saturdays, 5pm – 9.30pm

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Who is the MasterClass for?

Prerequiries are:

The swimmer shall have completed Level 1+2+3 workshops or equivalent in private lessons, and comfortable swimming 200m or more with a front quadrant stroke, including whole stroke integrated breathing.

What does the training include?

  • Meet and welcome in the classroom with some time to ask questions, exchange of experience
  • 2 hours of pool time
  • Detailed video analysis will be sent to every participant after the workshop
  • Access to the pool
  • A Tempo Trainer has to be brought by the student but can also be bought in the workshop for  45 Euros

This MasterClass is intended to enable TI swimmers to exchange with each other and to clarify and discuss new questions with a competent coach and to get new input for their training. If you work towards a congret goal, get support and valuable tips on how to achieve it.


Solve the puzzle for effective and varied swimming training!
The more fun you have, the more you will practice and the more you will improve!


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