level 2


Advanced skills

This workshop will put you on the path from efficient to advanced in freestyle
by honing Balance/Streamline skills and introducing advanced catch and kick timing.

Location:   Hallenbad Stuttgart-Kemnat

Tuition:   285 Euro

Due to the Corona situation there are no workshops planned yet.
Dates available upon request.

Duration:  12noon – 9pm

Note: This workshop will be taught in German!

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Swimmer shall have completed a Level 1 workshop or equivalent in private lessons, and comfortable swimming 100m or more with a front quadrant stroke, including whole stroke integrated breathing.

What does the course include?

  • Meet and welcome in the classroom with some time to learn about the principles of swimming
  • 2 hours of pool time
  • Video analysis and play back
  • Access to the pool

What will you learn? 

Balance:  Establish high, wide recovery that rebalances your vessel and sends its weight and momentum *forward* and tune up core stabilizer muscles. Together these increase comfort, control, and speed, hold a sleek body line during recovery, and strengthen the connection between recovery arm momentum, weight shift and propulsion.

Streamline: Keep a longer, lower-drag bodyline as you breathe and swim faster. Control leg-splay and knee-flex to reduce drag, and increase kick-effectiveness.

Kick Timing: The 2-Beat Kick (2BK) is an essential skill. It minimizes drag and turbulence and takes virtually no energy, but adds whole-body power to your stroke. The 2BK adds to propulsion by driving your body through rotation into its most streamlined, minimal drag position.

Effective Propulsion: Convert Force (horsepower) into Locomotion by (1) Position your extended arm to trap the maximum volume of water; (2) Move your body forward — rather than move your hand back; and (3) Do both with no arm fatigue.

You’ll enjoy swimming as never before!
The more you enjoy it, the more you’ll practice and the more you’ll improve!

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