level 3


smart speed

This workshop will put you on the path from efficient to advanced in freestyle
by honing Balance/Streamline skills and introducing advanced catch and kick timing.

Location:   Hallenbad Stuttgart-Kemnat

Tuition:   285

Due to the Corona situation there are no workshops planned yet.
Dates available upon request.

Duration:  9am – 18.30 pm

Note: This workshop will be taught in German!

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Swimmer shall have completed a Level 1 workshop and if possible a Level 2 workshop or equivalent in private lessons, and comfortable swimming 200m or more with a front quadrant stroke, including whole stroke integrated breathing.

What does the course include?

  • Meet and welcome in the classroom with some time to learn about the principles of swimming
  • 4 hours of pool time
  • Video analysis and play back
  • Access to the pool
  • A Tempo Trainer has to be brought by the student but can also be rented during the workshop for  10 Euros

What will you learn?
Replace guesswork and drudgery with the only guaranteed way to swim faster: hardwire your brain and nervous system to maintain a long, fluent and relaxed stroke while swimming as far and as fast as you choose. In this workshop we will teach you to do this in three steps:

Personalise Stroke Length
Find your optimal range of stroke counts (SPL range) for pool practice based on your height and skill characteristics.

Adapt Stroke Length
Learn to make strategic use of each stroke count in your personal range to swim farther or faster with minimum strain and maximum ease.

Blend Stroke Length and Rate
Learn to use a Tempo Trainer in combination with your personal range of stroke counts to create (i) sustainable speed – the easiest way to maintain consistent pace for any distance and (ii) smart speed – the easiest way to increase pace.

This approach replaces one-size-fits-all workouts with practice that is completely personalised and will bring a mathematical specificity and predictability to your practice planning and set design.

What will you take away?
An understanding that this method of personalised practice can bring rapid improvement in performance
The ability to make confident, effective and personalised choices in self-coaching
The template for an infinite variety of mentally stimulating and physically challenging swim practises.

You’ll enjoy swimming as never before!
The more you enjoy it, the more you’ll practice and the more you’ll improve!

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